Over the past few days, I’ve done an unexpectedly good job checking items off of my exotic fruits and vegetables list.


At school last night, the chef asked me to help prep the roasted veggie dish and, what do you know, chayote was one of the veggies incorporated in the dish. I was so excited to try it that I had a bite of it raw just to see what it tastes like. In its raw state, it tasted a bit like a broccoli stem. It was a little too “veggie” tasting—unless of course, it was on a vegetable tray just waiting to be slathered in ranch dressing. But…that’s not exactly healthy.

We ended up sautéing the chayote with fennel and adding it to roasted butternut squash. It was an unbelievably simple and delicious dish. Plus, once the chayote was cooked, it tasted a bit like a sweet cucumber? It’s hard to explain, but it was still a little crunchy, and it’s nice and juicy when you chew it.

I’m definitely going to make that combination of roasted veggies again. And you better bet I’ll be cooking with chayote in the near future. I’m thinking chayote in quinoa or couscous. I’m even thinking a chayote and gin drink would be to die for. We’ll see….


Tonight I’m headed back to school to have dinner at the restaurant that I’ll be cooking April-July. I have a one-time 50 percent courtesy, and I’m super excited to use it so that Andrew can see (and sample the menu!) where I’ll be spending the next few months.

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One thought on “Chayote

  1. AHhh!!! OK 1- I’m so excited that you’re going to be cooking in a restaurant! That is so incredible! 2- very cool and random veggie- I’ve never even heard of it. I’d love to try that fennel butternut squash chayote combo. I’m going to keep an eye out for it at the farmer’s market this weekend!
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