Saturday night we had a surprise birthday party for one of my roommates. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing, because Saturday night was also cake night at school!

I made this 3-layered vanilla cake with praline butter cream frosting. I then decorated the sides with crushed dark chocolate chips. YUM!

Vanilla cake with praline buttercream

Excuse the uniform that strongly resembles that of a war-time nurse.

With all the food I’ve been making at school combined with the dinners I make for Andrew and myself, leftovers are accumulating faster than I can (healthfully) eat them.

Today I brought the leftover Grandmother-style chicken I made for us last night, but was disappointed when I realized I should have brought the quiche since it’s from Thursday. It made me wonder how much longer I had left to safely eat the quiche, without having to freeze it.

A simple Google search yielded the most amazing tool: StillTasty! I can’t believe I’d never heard of this before!! You better believe I added this to my bookmarks right away.

Do you always go by food storage guidelines?
What about expiration dates?

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2 thoughts on “Food Storage Guidelines

  1. I generally don’t eat anything after it has been in the fridge past a week. As far as expiration dates… I don’t pay too much attention to those unless they’re on eggs or milk or yogurt. I’ve never heard of that StillTasty site! Thanks for sharing!

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