Last night we rotated stations, so I left entremetier for garde manger.

Garde manger is basically the appetizer station, so we’re in charge of getting the first course cooked, plated, and out to the diners. At the restaurant there are four appetizers on the menu but, as level five students, we are responsible for only two of them: quail tempura with grilled pineapple and port wine demi-glace as well as tandoori octopus with squash curry and dahl vierge.

Octopus tandoori

I have to say, the garde manger station is much more fun than entremetier. Plus, I feel like I’m learning more and getting a better experience. It’s just so much more action-packed since every diner gets an appetizer (as opposed to veg, where we’d send out maybe seven plates on a good night!), so I’m learning speed, timing, and finesse under pressure. The time also goes by so much faster when you’re busy. I’ll take busy over slow and dull any day!

My head is spinning a little today, because we just got word that our rent was raised by $150 each (there’s five of us, so that’s…$750!). CRAZY! I guess we’ve got a great apartment in a great location, our landlord knows it, and he thinks he can make more money (he’s probably right). Unfortunately, this has left us a little panicked trying to figure out if we can afford to stay or if we’ve gotta move on. Let me tell you, it’ll be quite the hassle if we have to move. The NYC rental market is no joke. Broker fees, application fees…basically red tape galore.

So, tonight I’m off to cure my pounding head with a nice meal. I’m meeting my best friend and her dad for dinner out.

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4 thoughts on “Garde Manger

  1. Oh no!! I’m sorry to hear about the rental situation. Is your lease up? I hope it works out and you can stay. Maybe you could try negotiating with him? If you have been good renters in the past, he should want to give you some incentive to stay. I work at a law firm that handles apartment rental law, so if you have any questions definitely email me and I’d be happy to ask one of our lawyers!

    I’m really glad you’re enjoying your new station and learning a lot at the restaurant!! The picture of the food looks gorgeous.

    • Thanks girl! Our lease is up May 31. They increased our rent $150 each, and they say that was them being nice because we have been good tenants. We do live in a really sought-after area for an amazing price, so I think they are right in thinking they can get much more money for the place–it just stinks! We’re looking over our contract to see if there’s anything in there about rent increases, trying to negotiate, and keeping our fingers crossed but so far they’re not budging! Oh well!

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