Here’s how my morning needed to begin:


Some days–especially Mondays–you just need a little jolt. But, no, I didn’t change my name. I just got lucky this morning, because a coworker ended up with an extra venti latte (they messed up her order). Lucky me!

Last night Andrew and I headed out for a special Sunday date night. It’s kind of become a habit, since it’s a slow day for both of us. I love it!

We went to a new(ish) restaurant called RedFarm. The restaurant was created by dim sum master chef Joe Ng and Chinese food expert Ed Schoenfeld and the food, sourced from local green markets, is modern Chinese.

What’d we eat? We had…an assorted appetizer tower that included crispy Asian beef, lobster salad, shrimp jalapeno poppers, yuzu oysters, and chicken soup dumplings. Then we shared pork and crab soup dumplings and mushroom and vegetable spring rolls (the two of these formed my entree of sorts). Andrew’s entree (which we also shared) was shrimp, scallops, and mussels in rice wine and tomato broth with thin rice noodles. Finally, we shared a caramel apple upside down cake for dessert.

Spring Rolls at RedFarm NYC

Spring Rolls

(image from RedFarm NYC)

Even the space is fantastic. The wooden tables, chairs, wired lights, and red and white patterned fabrics really do make it feel “farmy,” but trendy. The place is super tiny (I’ve heard Thurs-Saturdays boast long waits for tables) with a few booths for four, a few booths for two, a small bar, and two “communal” tables.

Inside RedFarm NYC
(Image from RedFarm NYC)

We were put at one of the communal tables, and had two groups on either side of us. Usually, this isn’t my favorite situation, because I feel a little self conscious about others listening in on my conversation. I had that fleeting feeling at first, but it subsided pretty quickly. The space is comfortable, and the tables are big enough to deter any feelings of cramped, shared space.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got this morning. I’ve got another busy week ahead of me!

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